Treasure Island – City View by the Bay

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May 21, 2008 by  
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* Image by Clint Wirtanen (image from Flickr)

Treasure Island is located in the San Francisco Bay, between San Francisco and Oakland. It was built prior to the World War II as an extension to the Yerba Buena Island. Initially planned for and used as an airport during the war, Treasure Island became a Naval Base for the US Navy during the war.

There is only one way to get to the island. Its only access is through the Bay Bridge. When you make an exit (left exit) on the bridge, follow the sign towards Treasure Island. Then make a U-turn before entering the gate, and park your car on the side of the street. You can either get out of the car to enjoy the fresh bay breeze or stay inside the car to create the magic moment with your loved one.

What you will see is an un-obstructed front-row seat to one of the most amazing view San Francisco has to offer. On a clear day, you will catch plenty of activities in the bay with the city skyline backdrop. Night time view is just as amazing. The lights from the financial district buildings light up the night sky.

It’s also a perfect spot to catch the 4th of July and the New Year’s Eve fireworks, although it’s always foggy during the 4th of July or rainy-windy on the New Year’s Eve.

San Francisco View from Treasure Island

San Francisco City Skyline

San Francisco View from Treasure Island

View from Treasure Island

San Francisco View from Treasure Island

View in the evening

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