Lands End – A Pacific Coastal Trail

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Lands End is part of Golden Gate National Recreational Area. It is located on the edge of San Francisco coast line near the Ocean Beach. The trail connects two popular San Francisco landmark; the Cliff House and the Palace of the Legion of Honor museum. The entrance to the trail starts at the parking lot at the top of the Cliff House on the corner of 48th Ave and Point Lobos.

From the parking lot, you can walk down to the ruin of the Sutro Baths. If you are a thrill-seeker, you can enter the cave and come out on the other end and go down towards the beach or climb up the rocks to find a spot to relax. The view of the waves hitting the rock is breathtaking.

The Lands End trail starts from the parking lot and it was renovated in the past year and it has a concrete pavement for the first half a mile or so. The level of difficulty is easy to moderate. Part of the trail is wheelchair accessible. The view from the trail is incredible. On a clear day, it boasts the view of the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge.

At the mid point of the trail, there is a stair access to the beach. On the way down the stairs, there is a split off and you can either proceed to go down to the beach or you can walk towards the rocks and have a picnic there. On a warm spring-day (it’s San Francisco so it’s generally warmer in the Spring), it’s a beautiful place to spend the day with your loved one. Look at the view. It’s incredible.

The distance between the two points is about 1.5 miles. The round-trip hike/walk should take no more than 2 hours. At the end of the trail is the Palace of the Legion of Honor. There is no better way to impress a girl than to extend the date to the museum after a romantic walk along the coastal trail.

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
+1 (415) 561-3000

Direction: Take MUNI bus #38 or #38L to Point Lobos and 48th Avenue. Walk west on Point Lobos for a short distance to the Merrie Way parking lot.

San Francisco Lands End Map



San Francisco Lands End Trail

The Trail


San Francisco Lands End Picnic

Picnic at Lands End


San Francisco Lands End Beach

The Beach

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