Da Flora – North Beach Hidden Gem

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March 25, 2009 by  
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In my 6 years living in San Francisco, I never heard of this place.  I discovered it by accident when walking through the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago; and what a discovery it was.  In the land of Italian restaurants in almost every corner, you would think every restaurant is created equal. Most locals will tell you that you can’t just stumble into any restaurants in the neighborhood and expect a wonderful dining experience. You find a 1-star quality restaurant just as easy as you do a 5-star one.

The restaurant is small, cozy, intimate, charming and romantic. The burgundy red interior dominate almost the entire wall with a crystal chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling.  The menu is handwritten and it changes from time to time. I consider the sweet potato gnocchi the signature dish of the restaurant. It is simply amazing. The creamy sauce complement the dish very well. The wine list is predominantly Italian wine. Let them recommend the wine and be amazed.

I have read many complains about the service at this place. Although it can be subjective, every one has their own idea of what a good service should be. I am not defending the establishment, but I do think some customers can be intolerable sometimes.  This restaurant is not a known tourist spot and that’s part of the charm. Restaurant staff have characters and if you recognize them and work them to your advantage, your visit will be a memorable dining experience indeed.

Considering how small the place is, reservation is encouraged especially on the weekend.

Da Flora – A Venetian Ostaria, 701 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA
+1 (415) 981-4664

Da Flora - A Venetian Ostaria - San Francisco

Da Flora - A Venetian Ostaria interior

(images from flickr)

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

(images from flickr)

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