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August 5, 2008 by  
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Stalowe Magnolie, Steel Magnolia in English, is an uppity establishment around the Main Square in Krakow. It’s located right on the outskirt of the main square, next to Cien Klub on Jana Street.

It probably has the best live jazz performance in Krakow. You need to ring the bell to gain an access to the club. Don’t let it intimidate you however. The doorman is normally friendly, but only if you dress well. Sneakers, shorts, sleeveless are a no-no for this place.

The interior blends a colorful wall with iron sculptures on the ceiling above the bar. There is a VIP area at the back with a bed sitting. Gaining an access to it might be a bit of a challenge. The live music is outstanding.The drink list is pretty extensive and you definitely need to try the house-special Stalowe Magnolie. Price is on the high end compared to other establishments in the area but the service and the experience will be more than make up for it.

Stalowe Magnolie, ul. Sw. Jana 15, Krakow, Poland
+48 (012) 4228472

Stalowe Magnolie Krakow Poland

Comfortable sofa seating area

(image from naszemiasto)

Stalowe Magnolie Krakow Poland

VIP area

(image from naszemiasto)

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