Cieplarnia – Bracka Hidden Gem

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June 23, 2008 by  
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This is probably one of a few places in Krakow where you can have a nice conversation with your partner without having to choke in smoke or drown in noise. It’s located on the narrow street of Bracka on the south end of the the main square. The pub is located at the back of a building. There is a signage in front of the building, except if you are not local, you probably wouldn’t know what it is.

You enter the building and walk through a narrow corridor that will lead you to a small courtyard patio. The place itself is not very big. The layout is a bit odd. It spots an L-shaped seating arrangement with the musical instruments located in the middle; dividing the place into two distinct seating areas. One area features the chairs seating and the other features the bench seating.

This place is very charming and it feels personal and intimate. It features live jazz music on the weekend. I have had the pleasure of visiting this place on numerous occasion as I lived around the block from this establishment. If you happened to be in the area during the summer, get there early to enjoy a nice cold beer (or as the local calls it “piwo”) and a good company.

Cieplarnia, ul. Bracka 15, Krakow, Poland
+48 (012) 429 2898

Cieplarnia, Krakow, Poland

Live Music


Cieplarnia, Krakow, Poland

Saxophonist at Cieplarnia


Cieplarnia, Krakow, Poland

Glass & Candle


Cieplarnia, Krakow, Poland

Bar area

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