Sky Dining – Dangling On A Cable Car

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May 4, 2008 by  
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On a recent trip to Singapore, I had the opportunity to dine at Jewel Box’s Sky Dining. It was my first official date with my current girlfriend. And it’s unlike something I have experienced before; dining while dangling 100 feet up in the air in a cable car. If height ain’t your thing, this might not be the time to experiment. The dining is only available for dinner; starting at around 6 pm. I had a reservation for 6.30 pm. I figure we’ll catch the sunset.

The day started out pretty bad weather-wise. It rained all day and I was a bit nervous about not being able to enjoy the scenery. Luckily the weather cleared up about half hour before our dinner. The dinner starting point is at Mount Faber. The cable car itself isn’t that big. It probably seats 4 adults comfortably. A table was placed in between the seat. We took opposite seat from each other. The staff had about 2 minutes to prepare the table, seat us, and bring our appetizer before sending us on our way. The appetizer part finished pretty quickly. We saw the sunset on the horizon and it was beautiful. It took about half an hour riding in the cable car to get back to our starting point.

When we got there, the staff cleared up the appetizer before bringing in our main course. I had beef tenderloin and my girlfriend had salmon. We were served wine for the main course. We had to rush to finish the food. Half an hour isn’t a lot of time when you try to eat and get to know the other person at the same time. The dessert was last. And we had a choice between tea or coffee. I made a mistake by ordering another cake. It was too much food the last half hour especially after 2 rounds of food. I wouldn’t recommend ordering a cake unless there were 4 people at dinner.

At the conclusion of the dining experience, we were given a chance to purchase picture which was taken in the beginning. I would give the whole dining experience a 3 1/2 stars. It was nice and romantic in the beginning but after going 3 rounds (6 times) of seeing the same thing, it was a bit tiresome in the end. I would say this, it is probably more suitable for couple who has been going steady for a while or married couple than it is for couple on a first date or couple who are trying to get acquainted. At least for the former, they can just skip the whole experience and just made out. It is not cheap however at about S$ 100 a person. I would at least try it once (which I did) just for the experience.

Prior Reservation is required and menu has to be selected at the time of reservation.

Mount Faber Sky Dining, Mount Faber, Singapore
+65 6377 9688

Sky Dining Singapore

Sky Dining Singapore


Sky Dining Singapore

Sky Dining Dinner


Sky Dining Singapore

Dinner & Wine


15 Responses to “Sky Dining – Dangling On A Cable Car”
  1. Fiqa says:

    Is the food halal

  2. hendry mashigo says:

    kindly send me more picuters of your services and axactly the way you operate please include your rate and prices
    warm regards

    call us 27 79 812 5792

  3. Amber Wynn says:

    Neat piece! Do you have any idea why your site got the recommendation from Christian Dillstrom? Mobile & social media marketing high priests do not recommend something without a reason.

  4. Tan says:

    Can i know 1 cabin is only for 1 couple or share with another couple? because i saw this”get to know the other person at the same time” is u get to know your GF more or other couple.haha. thanks!

  5. admin says:

    No sharing. Just you and your significant other. 😉

  6. Nurhidaya says:

    im interested. kindly email me the details on this & the rates.

  7. Seri says:

    Hi, can you kindly email me the details on this and the rate , please?
    thank you.

  8. admin says:

    Dear reader,

    If you are interested in making a reservation, please contact the establishment directly. This website is not affiliated with the reviewed establishment.

    There is a link and phone number for the establishment on the article.


  9. Jamuna says:

    Hi could i check with you. How much is it per person on a weekend?
    How do we go about for reservation? How long is the whole dinner?
    Can you email me the details. Tks.

  10. eesyaa says:

    Hi there. Wana enquire. Wads the price for sky dining for a couple? Any promotion going on?

  11. Ross says:

    Hihi would like to more on ur package for sky dining for four person n what’s e menu being serve etc.. Cn quote me e price for weekdays n weekends as well n do we have to do any reservation etc… thnxs n regards

  12. ultragirl_agit says:

    People, please stop asking for the price and promo or whatsoever, the author was a customer at the place. He has already kindly included the website and number, don’t be lazy!

  13. Freda says:

    Hi! Are u on any promotion on 02/01/13?How do we go about for reservation? How long is the whole dinner? Menu served?
    Can you email me the details. Tks.

  14. leech says:

    Is there time to go toilet. Serious question.

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